Timecode Rules

  • 01Enter the competition!

    It only takes a few seconds to subscribe, go to https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com  on your phone, enter your information (name & email address).
    During this game, you’ll be invited to discover your city, explore unheard-of places, find Timecodes and activate them.
    The goal is simple: earn as much time as possible.
    The catch? The new Maurice Lacroix AIKON Automatic Venturer will be awarded to the winner of each city.

  • 02Play the game !

    In order to play, you must first subscribe on your phone to https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com .
    You’ll then have access to a map of your city where you’ll find pinpoints and indications to advance through the game.

    You’ll see two counters:

    • One counter at the bottom of your phone screen will display the time left in the current game
    • Your personal counter on the top right of your phone screen will display how much time you’ve earned since the beginning of the game

    One game lasts 7 days. Your goal is to earn as much time as possible on your counter.
    Each day, Timecodes will appear, and you will have to activate as many as possible in order to earn time.


  • 03Earn time on your counter !

    This is achieved by activating Timecodes.
    There are two ways to find Timecodes:

    How do you activate a Timecode?

  • 04What are Timecodes ?


    After your subscription validation, you’ll see a map on your smartphone. The map will display pinpoints that you can click on. Those pinpoints are Timecodes!
    What are they?

    • Geolocation points that you can activate on your phone, once you are located at the indicated spot.



    There are several types of Timecodes:

    • “Permanent or Classic”: geolocation points that are available throughout the game, once activated by Maurice Lacroix.

    Find one on the map, go to the location point and geolocalize yourself there on https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com . If you are in the right place, your counter will be credited with the time attributed to the Timecode in question. You can activate a single Timecode only once!

    • “Ephemeral”: geolocation points available for a limited amount of time. Concert, cultural events… be quick about them! This kind is quite rare, but worth a lot of time on your counter!
    • “Manual”: 9-digit codes hidden somewhere on the map. Go to the location indicated on the map, find the 9-digit code there and enter it on the Timecode website. Don’t hesitate to ask around if you don’t find the code!
    • “Social Networks & Online”: also 9-digit codes but this time, you have to find them online or on social networks. These codes are only active one day, hurry up!


    You’ll find a recap of the various timecodes here: “https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com/en/london/game/all-games”  

  • 05Earn time... only with Timecodes?


    You have two other ways of earning time on your counter.


    Throughout the game, bonus time may be attributed to some Timecodes. If you want it, you’ll need to be among the first people to get to the Timecode as they are reserved to a limited few!

    Social activity:

    • Sponsorship: from the menu in the Timecode website, you can invite your friends & family into the game. If one or several of them subscribe to the game thanks to the link you sent them (through Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Twitter or via email), your counter will be credited with additional time.
    • Share: when sharing your progression on Facebook, you’ll get additional time.


    Ready to play ?

  • 06The end

    Game is over when the counter of the game gets to zero. You’ll no longer be able to activate Timecodes or earn time when sharing the game. However, you will be able to access the Timecode website to check out your scores and personal data.

  • 07and the winners are...

    At the end of the game, the contestant who will have earned the biggest amount of time on their counter wins.
    What do they win? the new AIKON Automatic Venturer from Maurice Lacroix.

    The next 4 contestants will also be awarded with Maurice Lacroix gifts (which will depend on the city they have played).
    Another competition will run between all the cities organizing a Timecode game. When all of the Timecode games are over, we’ll select the contestant with the biggest amount of time on their counter among all the counters of each game. The catch? A VIP Experience which will remain secret!

  • 08Event of Equality?

    Should there be an equality between winners, a lucky draw will be made by Maurice Lacroix in order to determine the final ranking. Please note this event is highly unlikely!

  • 09Conditions to play

    Timecode is open to anyone who’s willing to play, hence any person being of legal age.

  • 10Double accounts

    One simple rule, one player = one account.

    Should there be any suspicion of cheating, Maurice Lacroix will be entitled to cancel any participation to the game.

  • 11In the event of cheating

    Maurice Lacroix is entitled to use any means necessary to detect cheating during and after the game.

    Should there be any suspicion of cheating, Maurice Lacroix will be entitled to cancel any participation to the game.

  • 12Account deletion

    Any account can be deleted by Maurice Lacroix if such a request is made to press@mauricelacroix.com. Maurice Lacroix will delete all data related to the participant in question.


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