Terms and condition


    1. These Participation Rules (“Rules”) apply to the Maurice Lacroix Timecode game (“the Game”). By participating to the Competition, each Participant expressly agrees to have fully understood and to be bound by these Rules. Where prohibited by applicable local law, no participation in the Game shall be allowed.

    2. The Game is promoted and organized by Maurice Lacroix SA, located at Rue des Rangiers 21, 2350 Saignelégier, Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as “Maurice Lacroix”).

    3. The Game takes place and a participation in the Game is possible from May 8, 2019 until December 15th, 2019. Each Participant will participate in the Game via the following website address: https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com or via the Maurice Lacroix Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/mauricelacroix/ or via the Maurice Lacroix Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/mauricelacroixwatches/

    4. These Rules are available in English only and are displayed on the Game web page at https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com 

    5. Maurice Lacroix reserves the right to cancel the Game and/or change the Rules at any time without prior notice to Participants, without liability to the Participants. Any changes will be posted on the Maurice Lacroix website at https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com 


    6. The competition is open to all natural persons that are of legal age. Only one participation per person is permitted. All participants who are not of legal age (in most European countries 18 years) are not permitted to participate in the Game. Maurice Lacroix reserves the right to ask for the proof of legal age at any time, and in particular during the attribution and/or sending of any eventual prize to the Participant. In case the Participant fails to submit such identification and proof of legal age within 1 week of its request, Maurice Lacroix will be entitled to cancel his/her participation in the Competition. 

    7. By participating in the Competition and accepting these terms & conditions you warrant that you have the legal capacity to enter the Competition and accept the Rules (i.e. that you are of sufficient age and mental capacity and are entitled to be legally bound in contract).

    8. Employees and immediate family members of Maurice Lacroix employees and their associated companies, professional advisors, advertising and promotional agencies connected with the creation or administration of the Competition are eligible to take part in the Competition. Maurice Lacroix reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all Participants.

    9. There is no purchase requirement to participate in the Competition and there is no charge to use of the Maurice Lacroix Competition web site (https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com) and other social media other than the usual Internet connection charges payable to your service provider and/or telephone company. 

    10. By participating in the Competition you hereby warrant that all personal details submitted by you are true, current and complete and that the e-mail addresses you submit are accurate and valid. 

    11. Maurice Lacroix reserves the right to disqualify any Participant if it has reasonable grounds to believe the Participant has breached any of these Rules.

    12. In the event of the Competition being regarded as illegal in the country of a Participant, the latter must refrain from participating. 


    13. Maurice Lacroix is happy to announce the organization of a competition, to be conducted from May 8th, 2019 until December 15th, 2019 built on the theme of creating the longest possible online challenge (hereafter the "Competition" or the Game).

    14. The Competition will take place as follows. Ten Games will be organized in ten different cities throughout the world from May 8th, 2019 until December 15th, 2019.
    Each Game will last 8 days, from the start of the Game countdown to the unveiling of the Winner. The purpose of the Game is to unlock Timecodes. There are two types of Timecodes:
    -    A location on the Game map. Participants are invited to go to the location and geolocalize themselves on https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com. If the geolocalization is correct, a certain amount of time will be awarded to the Participant’s counter.
    -    A 9-digit code placed in a website, in a post on social media or in a physical location. Once found, the code has to be entered on https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com . if the code is correct, a certain amount of time will be awarded to the Participant’s counter. 

    Step by step, here is how the Competition will unfold for each city:
    -    Day 1: Teaser for 1 city posted on Facebook and Instagram to invite people to create an account on https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com 
    -    Day 7: The Game starts. Participants are invited by email to start playing by unlocking their first Timecode. A post will also be created on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    -    Day 7-15: Timecodes are released on https://timecode.mauricelacroix.com each day (between 2 and 10 Timecodes each day) for Participants to find them and unlock them
    -    Day 15: The Game is ended. A count is made and the Winner is the one who has the biggest amount of time on his/her counter. The Winner is offered a Maurice Lacroix watch worth 1990CHF (recommended retail price).

    Each Participant agrees to and shall ensure itself that the participation in the Competition does and will not violate any applicable laws.

    15. Maurice Lacroix’s usual international warranty conditions will apply for the watches of the winners. Maurice Lacroix will use its reasonable endeavors to send the watches to the winners within a delay of two months from the day of notification. The winners of the Competition are not entitled to claim any other prize of similar value (in product or in cash) than the ones foreseen by Maurice Lacroix in the present Terms & Conditions. 

    16. Winners will be notified within 5 days upon completion of each chase. If a selected winner cannot be contacted within 4 weeks or Maurice Lacroix, at its sole discretion, declares him ineligible to receive the prize, he will be forfeited from the competition and an alternate winner will be selected from the remaining valid, eligible Participant to the competition. 

    17. All the personal data provided by each participant (e-mail, year  of birth, etc.) will be stored and processed in Switzerland according to the applicable data protection laws in Switzerland and the EU as well as the Privacy Statement available at https://www.mauricelacroix.com/ch_en/privacy-policy, for the sole purpose of administering the Competition and contacting the winner and, where the participant explicitly accepts, for the purpose of sending promotional communication to participant. 

    18. All intellectual property rights and ownership related to the Competition (the “Rights”) shall, to the extent permitted by applicable law, fully and exclusively belong to Maurice Lacroix. These Rights shall, if possible and permitted under/by applicable law, directly accrue in the ownership of Maurice Lacroix.

    19. These terms and conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with substantive Swiss law whereby the Swiss conflict of law rules are hereby excluded from application to these terms and conditions. 

    20. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions respectively the Competition shall be resolved exclusively before the courts in Zurich, Switzerland.

    21.  Any recourse to legal action / ordinary courts of law is excluded.

    22. This Competition is organized solely by Maurice Lacroix. As such, any complaint by Participants on any matter related to the running of the Competition or the designation of the winner, will have to be addressed directly to Maurice Lacroix. 


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